Saturday meditation is cancelled for Saturday, March 21 due to the St. Pat's in Five Points festival.
August 20, 2014 by Jemme Stewart

Meditation techniques for your lunch break

It seems like whenever we become overwhelmed with work stress, tasks, to-do’s and reminders, and are struggling to find “enough time,” our lunch break is the first thing to go. Jemme Stewart and Dr. Hilda White, owners of Upstream mindfulness studio and relaxation experts, have a plan for how to relax in the daily grind of corporate life – and that plan relies on a 15-minute minimum lunch break to rest and recharge.

“When we work through lunch and don’t pace ourselves or slow down or stop to take a break, attention and concentration decline,” says Jemme. “Steady blood levels of good nutrients that feed the brain – and taking a break from the demand of cognitive focus – are both necessary for peak performance.”

Jemme and Hilda encourage making the meal the focus of your attention in the moment of your lunch break. Eating a “mindful meal” is one component of the mindfulness exercises they teach in their MBSR classes at Upstream.