The Spring 2020 MBSR class has been cancelled at this time.  Read More

The Spring 2020 MBSR class has been cancelled at this time.

Given the current public health official's recommendations to avoid close, crowded spaces we feel it is the prudent thing to do to cancel classes for the next few weeks.

We appreciate your interest in Upstream classes and we hope that you will check back with us in a few weeks to see when the next class series will begin.

Feel free to e-mail us at or call Jemme at (803)960-7737. Thank you and please accept our wishes for your good health.

Be well, Jemme and Hilda

September 1, 2018 by Jemme Stewart

Mindfulness is Meant for Men Too

More and more people are cashing in on the benefits that mindfulness and meditation practices can have on everyday life.

Here are five reasons PsychCentral says men should take advantage of this beneficial trend, too:

  1. Increase Focus
  2. Improve Performance
  3. Build Emotional Intelligence
  4. Be a Better Lover
  5. Train Confidence

Upstream offers mindfulness classes in Columbia, SC, that are for students of any type and any level of familiarity with mindfulness practices, from mindful training for beginners to advanced mindful meditation practices. Read more about our seasonal classes and register at

You can learn more about these five reasons men should be mindful, too, on PsychCentral.