Mindful Parenting Class

Dates for the 2015 fall class will be scheduled later in the spring.



Dr. Lois Wandersman, our colleague and friend, will teach our first Mindful Parenting Class in a weekly evening class format at our Upstream studio. We are so excited about this opportunity for Midlands families!

Mindful Parenting is a structured program that aims to improve family life and relationships. The program teaches parents skills that build on their love, empathy and acceptance. Parents will learn techniques and skills to parent in a calm and positive way. They will learn strategies to coach their children to develop improved behavior and self-control.


Session 1: Calm Parenting

-Background on hectic lives, couple stress, effect on parents and children

-Triggers of parents’ childhood, affect

-Mindful breathing and awareness of emotions

-Meditation of a caring source of comfort

-Homework: times of connection

Session 2: Empathy and Acceptance

-Understanding and empathy of children’s stress, feelings, behaviors

-Overview of HEART approach to parenting

-Mindful breathing and awareness of emotion when handling behavior problems

-Homework: empathic response, reinforcing positive

Session 3: Positive Discipline

-Understanding why children keep doing things that make parents upset


-Empathic, calm setting limits and rules

-Homework: calm rules and limits

Session 4: Coaching

-Understanding and acceptance

-Positive coaching

-Self-care and acceptance

-Homework: fun


Dr. Lois Wandersman

Lois Pall Wandersman, Ph.D, Developmental and Clinical Psychologist

Lois has been working with children and families for over 40 years. She has a doctorate in Developmental Psychology from Cornell, a postdoc in Clinical Psychology from University of South Carolina, and an internship from the Yale Child Study Center. She has developed nationally recognized support and education programs for parents of newborns, adolescent parents, and parents at risk for maltreatment. She has published numerous articles about the transition to parenthood, parent education and parent support. Lois is in private practice working with a diverse group of children and parents, empowering them to find effective and positive approaches that work for them. Lois has been incorporating mindfulness in her personal life and in her work with families and is excited to be sharing this work with parents.