After orientation you will have a better understanding of the class series and what to expect, but here are some tips and a few things to keep in mind when attending weekly classes.

  • Wear comfortable clothing – we will be sitting, lying and sometimes doing gentle movement.
  • Feel free to bring anything that will make you more comfortable – a blanket or warm layers are great for cold natured folks (your body temperature drops during relaxation).
  • Expect several different practices during each class – some sitting, some lying down and other various activities depending on the class.
  • People may share their ideas, and we encourage others to listen and engage but not offer advice or counseling. The mind has a tendency to look for outside opinions, but we want our students to look inward for better insight on the road to mindfulness.
  • Most classes will last approximately 2 hours, a few will last 2.5 hours.
  • If you must miss a class we will work something out – either taking the alternative time’s class or making it up during another class series.
  • Remember that this is not group therapy, but we do encourage engagement and you will never be judged. This is a confidential, safe environment.
  • Some weeks you will have “homework” – but the fun kind! Usually some light readings or at-home exercises to help you on your journey to mindfulness.
  • Expect to relax and enjoy yourself!

Are you ready to sign up?  Look at our class series dates here.