Saturday Meditation will be cancelled for September 21. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you the following week.
September 5, 2014 by Jemme Stewart

Upstream hosts Mindful Parenting series next month, October 2014

Next month marks the launch of Upstream’s first 4-week Mindful Parenting Class, led by Developmental and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lois Wandersman. This class aims to improve family life and relationships by teaching parents skills that improve on their love, empathy and acceptance. Each of the four weekly mindful parenting sessions tackles a different topic: Calm Parenting, Empathy and Acceptance, Positive Discipline, and Coaching.

Shauna Shapiro, professor, author, mindfulness advocate and mother, outlined the importance of incorporating mindfulness into your parenting habits in a recent article in Huffington Post. As a parent, it is easy to become so wrapped up in your daily agenda that you miss out on appreciating the wonder of each day with your child.

Mindful parenting can help you let go constantly on-the-brain worries and stressors, and instead place yourself in the present moment with your child; able to enjoy each precious moment with your child.

Read more of Shapiro’s adventures in mindful parenting on Huffington Post.